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Mat, Mop, and Facility Services in Metairie, LA

Mat, Mop, and Facility Services in Metairie, LA

At A-1 Service, we set the gold standard by providing superior mat, mop, and facility services in Metairie, LA. Leveraging industry-leading products and a dedicated team, we assist businesses in creating immaculate, professional, and safe spaces for their staff and clientele. Our extensive array of premium products addresses the varied requirements of different sectors.


Our mats not only elevate the look of your entrance but also bolster safety and tidiness. Each kind has a specific role:

  • Entrance Mats: These grab dirt and moisture from shoes, ensuring clean floors and minimizing slip risks.
  • Custom Logo Mats: Marry hygiene with branding. Custom-made to showcase your brand or message.
  • Custom Size Mats: Designed to fit any space, leaving no corner unprotected.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats: Designed for standing employees, they elevate comfort, enhancing output and spirits.
  • Kitchen Mats: Ideal for areas prone to spills, they ensure a safe, cozy, and non-slip footing.
  • Scraper Mats: Great for outside entrances, they effectively strip off debris from shoes with their robust bristles.


A-1 Service knows the value of efficient cleaning tools. Hence, our mops are a must-have for businesses aiming for impeccable hygiene:

  • Dust Mops: Crafted to gather dust, dirt, and particles, promising a dust-free ambiance.
  • Wet Mops: They are super absorbent and long-lasting, ideal for tending to spills and preserving cleanliness in areas with heavy footfall.

Facility Services

Surpassing just mats and mops, our array of facility services in Metairie, LA is vital for maintaining a top-notch business environment:

  • Air Fresheners: Automated devices ensuring your restrooms and spaces remain fragrant, emphasizing your dedication to strict cleanliness.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Efficiently eliminates germs, fostering a clean and healthy space.
  • Foam Soap & Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner: Addressing all cleaning needs, from mild foam soaps to robust cleaners for stubborn dirt.
  • Tissue & Roll Towels: Superior, absorbent, and long-lasting choices for washrooms and shared spaces.
  • Auto Flush Units: Boost restroom hygiene with hands-free, auto flushing.

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With A-1 Service, stellar results await businesses pursuing top-notch mat, mop, and facility services in Metairie, LA. We’re devoted to your contentment, guaranteeing an impeccable and polished environment that raises your facility’s standards, safeguarding your esteemed team and visitors. Connect with us at (800) 899-DUST or drop us an email to dive deeper into mat, mop, and facility services in Metairie, LA.