A-1 provides services for small stand-alone schools, large charter schools, and even entire public school districts.

Our products and services are designed to help you reduce particulates and germs, while improving safety. First, our mats are ADA Compliant and NFSI certified as high traction (they are made of thicker 90-mil material so they stay where we put them). This is your first line of defense for reducing dust, dirt and moisture. Choose our logo mats and present a professional image your students will take pride in, while making sure they’re reminded of where they are. We will service custom sized mats for large entryways or hallways at most schools. Need dust mops? Your Plant Manager will be glad to know we service dust mops from 18” to 60” for cleaning those dirty gyms and hallway floors. All dust mops are delivered on the frame, cutting down on time swapping mops around. We can also take care of your restroom supply needs with double roll tissue dispensers, foam soap, hand sanitizer, center-pull and automatic towel dispensers, air fresheners and auto flush units. We know how heavily trafficked schools can be, but we also know that cleanliness is very important. The A-1 team will make sure your school spirit shines through!