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How to Keep a Business Clean: Floor Mat Rental

how to keep a business clean

Wondering how to keep a business clean? Business owners and managers know that the greatest challenge is not the tabletops or windows–it’s the floors. Foot traffic brings dirt, moisture, and even more during the winter months. These factors make floor care one of the greatest day-to-day challenges businesses face.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Floor Cleanliness

Implementing cost-saving measures is key in understanding how to keep a business clean. Traditional cleaning methods are resource-intensive. Businesses need solutions that balance efficiency, cost, and cleanliness.

The Role of Floor Mat Rental Services

Floor mat rental services play a pivotal role in how to keep a business clean. These services provide businesses with high-quality, durable mats, reducing the need for frequent intensive cleaning. Regularly maintained by the rental company, these mats ensure clean, safe floors at all times.

Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

Safety and aesthetics are crucial components of how to keep a business clean. Specialized mats, such as anti-fatigue and scraper mats, not only keep the floors clean but also enhance safety and comfort for both employees and visitors.

Purposeful Mat Placement and Use

Utilizing the right types of mats is essential in keeping a business clean. Different mats serve specific purposes, contributing significantly to overall cleanliness and safety. This article will discuss the challenges facing business owners or managers in keeping floors clean, and discuss why floor mat rental is a helpful tool. 

Types of Floor Mats, and How They Work Together

There are many different types of floor mats serving different purposes. Using the right combination of floor mat types is essential to making the most of a mat rental program.

Scraper Mats: First Line of Defence


Scraper mats, with their robust design, are excellent for areas that experience heavy foot traffic. They are effective in removing and trapping large debris and dirt, making them an ideal choice for industrial or outdoor entry points.

Entrance Mats: Removing the Bulk

Entrance mats are fundamental in how to keep a business clean. They act as the first line of defense, trapping dirt, moisture, and debris from shoes as people enter. This reduces the amount of dirt spreading across the floors.

Logo Mats: Branding with Cleanliness

A-1 Service Custom Logo Mat Reference Image 1

Logo mats combine marketing with cleanliness. Customizable with a business logo, they enhance brand visibility while performing the practical function of keeping floors clean. They are a smart addition to any entrance or high-visibility area.

Anti-Fatigue Mats: Comfort and Cleanliness


In areas where employees stand for extended periods, anti-fatigue mats are crucial. They provide comfort, reduce strain, and contribute to a safer, more productive workspace. Their use is a thoughtful aspect of how to keep a business clean and employee-friendly.

Kitchen Mats: Safety in High-Spill Areas


Kitchen mats are designed for high-spill areas. They are essential in food service businesses, offering slip resistance and easy cleaning. These mats help manage spills, keeping the area clean and reducing slip-and-fall accidents.

Custom Size Mats: Tailored Cleanliness Solutions

For businesses with unique space requirements, custom-size mats offer a perfect fit. They ensure that every area, no matter how irregular, is covered, thus maintaining cleanliness throughout the premises.

A-1 Service: Enhancing Floor Cleanliness in Louisiana Businesses

For Louisiana businesses, A-1 Service provides a comprehensive mat rental solution that encapsulates how to keep a business clean. We offer a range of mats, each designed for specific business needs, along with professional cleaning and maintenance services. This ensures that businesses always have clean, safe, and functional mats without the added burden of maintenance.

We also offer the following products that help keep the other parts of your business clean: 

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