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Commercial Floor Mats in Louisiana: Sourcing the Best

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Searching for the best commercial floor mats in Louisiana? There’s a lot to consider. From material, durability, and aesthetics to quality, longevity, and affordability, every detail matters. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the most informed decision.

Purchasing Mats vs Renting Mats: What’s Right for You? 

Owning and renting mats both have distinct advantages based on a company’s needs and financial considerations. 

Purchasing Mats for a Business

Mat purchase is a one-time investment that means businesses have full ownership. This option offers the most control over the mats, but also the most responsibility and work to maintain or replace them. It also offers the freedom to choose mats that align perfectly with the brand’s aesthetics if a provider lacks customization options.  

Renting Mats for a Business

Mat rental is ideal for businesses seeking flexibility, as it allows for regular rotation, ensuring the mats are always in optimal condition. Renting can also be beneficial for those wanting to avoid upfront costs and prefer inclusive services like maintenance and cleaning. Deciding between the two often boils down to a company’s budget, duration of need, and desired level of maintenance involvement.

Why Renting Is the Best Option for Businesses

Choosing to rent commercial floor mats in Louisiana offers various benefits. Renting allows businesses to maintain a fresh appearance as mats inevitably wear down. Regular rotation means your mats and flooring will always look clean and safe while promoting a healthy working environment. Additionally, it gives flexibility in adjusting sizes, types, or styles according to changing needs, without a large upfront investment.

Factors to Consider When Renting

Material Quality

Like most things, not all commercial floor mats are created equal. Ensure that the mats are made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic, especially if they’ll be placed in high-traffic areas.

Safety Features

Slip resistance is vital. Mats should have a non-slip backing and lay flat on the floor to prevent tripping hazards.

Maintenance and Cleaning

When scouting for commercial floor mats in Louisiana, it’s essential to understand the maintenance they require. Renting from a supplier that offers regular cleaning and maintenance can save time and money.

Questions to Ask Suppliers

Before committing to a rental agreement, it’s always a good idea to ask potential suppliers a few questions:

  • Do they provide custom solutions? Depending on the business’s aesthetics or specific needs, custom solutions might be necessary.
  • Who do they answer to? Is there a corporate structure that makes their decisions, or can they make their own? 
  • What is the frequency of mat rotation? The regularity with which mats are rotated can impact their appearance and efficacy.
  • How wide are their product offerings? Do they offer everything your business will need from their mat rental service provider? 
  • How reliable and knowledgeable are their customer service reps? Will their reps learn your business, your needs, or your name? How long have they been working for them? 

Why A1 is Louisiana’s Best Mat Service

When searching for commercial floor mats in Louisiana, one name stands out from the rest – A1 Mat Service. Here’s why businesses stay partnered with us:

Family-Owned; Servicing Locally

If you’re looking for a mat rental provider that will pick up when you call and take your needs seriously, A1 is it. Our service range is throughout eastern Louisiana – the same place we call home. 

Diverse Selection

A1 boasts an extensive range of mats suitable for different business needs. Even if you don’t plan on utilizing every mat we offer, you might have a need of in the future. We offer: 

Entrance Mats

Custom Logo Mats

Custom Size Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Kitchen Mats

Scraper Mats

Towels & Aprons Rental

Facilities & Restroom Supplies

Dust & Wet Mops 

Chemical Management Services


Exemplary Customer Service

One of the highlights of A1 is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team is always ready to assist, ensuring that businesses find the perfect fit for their requirements.

High-Quality Material

A1 doesn’t compromise on quality. Every mat sourced is tested for durability and safety. With A1, businesses are assured of products that are both long-lasting and reliable.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning: 

A crucial part of renting commercial floor mats is their upkeep. A1 understands this and offers routine maintenance and cleaning services, ensuring that the mats always remain in pristine condition.

Contact A1 Service for Louisiana’s Best Commercial Mat Service

If you’re looking for a mat service provider you can count on to deliver, A1 Services is ready to help. We’re local, stocked, and more than ready to help your business achieve the look and safety it needs. 

Contact us at (800) 899-DUST or through our contact page. A representative will be in touch shortly. 

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