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Why A-1 Service?

Local – Louisiana Family Owned

A-1-Service-Three-Generations-PictureIf you operate in Louisiana, then why not support other local Louisiana businesses? A-1 Service is a 3rd generation family-owned-and-operated Louisiana based company headquartered in Jefferson.  Being a family-owned local business means our reputation is paramount, and the superior level of service we provide our neighbors and friends has to be second to none. Our customer relationship philosophy is based on a No Surprises Guarantee: we do not assess automatic increases as many of our competitors do. We keep our prices competitive and tailor our prices and services to individual customers based on quantities, sizes, frequency, locations, etc. Give us a call, stop by our facility or send us an email… however you would like to get started is fine by us! We’ll pick up where the others left off!


Benefits of Mat Rental – Hassle-free Clean

The Benefits of A-1 Mat RentalWith a Professional Mat Service you have clean, dry floors conveniently and consistently! In order for disposable mats to work, they must be cleaned on a regular basis. If they aren’t, they become a source rather than a solution to tracked-in soil, germs, and moisture. We provide mats that are engineered to trap soil and moisture until they are picked up and professionally laundered using commercial-grade laundering equipment, chemicals and processes. Using a professional mat service means getting clean mats that trap the soil, germs, dust, and moisture to keep your environment clean while protecting against slip and falls at the same time. Hassel-free means none of your employees have to deal with cleaning or replacing dirty, dingy, worn-out mats. The professionals handle it, and you get to focus on what your business does best! Not only do you get a cleaner, safer environment, but when you utilize logoed mats, you also help to improve image, convey a message, or just welcome people to your business. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free professional mat services and don’t forget to ask about getting your company logo added to your mats.


Better Service – We pick up, and deliver!

A-1-Mat-Service-Mat-DeliveryWhy wait for your mats to look dirty to clean them? With A-1 Professional Mat Service, you have professionally cleaned, fresh mats on a regular basis. We’ll design a program to meet your specific needs so your business always has a clean, safe appearance. No more relying on an employee to take care of dirty, dingy, worn-out mats. A-1 will take care of it for you. Your A-1 Mat Service program will have regularly scheduled replacement days to handle the day-to-day dirt. But, in the event of an unexpected spill or incident requiring an unscheduled mat replacement, just give us a call and we will be there for you.


Better Mats – Lay Flat

If you’re using mats, they better lay flat! Our mats are constructed using a heavier 90mil thick nitrile rubber backing versus the industry standard of 52mil thick. This helps them to lay flat (the way they’re supposed to!) preventing the ripple or bacon effect you often see when using store-bought disposable and even our competitor’s mats. All A-1 Service mats are ADA compliant and certified by NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) as high traction. See attachments for ADA and NFSI.


Better Mats – Cleaner, safer environment

A-1 Service considers mat quality vital to the value we provide to our customers. All A-1 Service mats are ADA compliant and certified by NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) as high traction. We not only consider how your mats will lay on the floor, but also their ability to effectively remove dust, soil, moisture and contaminants from tracking into your environment. Consider this:

  • Over ¾ of the dust, soil, and contaminants in a building come through the door on people’s feet, damaging carpets, floors, and adding to the cost of cleaning and maintenance.
  • It’s been estimated that one square yard of carpet accumulates a pound or more of dirt in 1 week.
  • Up to 85% of the soil brought into any building can be contained within the first 10 to 12 feet.

Some features of our carpeted mats:

  • High-twist, Heat-set Nylon Yarn brushes soil and dirt from the soles of shoes, then filters the dirt to the base of the carpet, preventing track off.
  • Safety is provided by the heavier 90mil thick slip resistant nitrile rubber backing utilized on A-1 Service mats, protecting against slip and fall accidents.


Mats + Linens + Supplies – We’re more than just mats.

A-1 Service is focused on supplying our customers with what their businesses need. Sure… we’re not the bottled water people, coffee men, or uniform specialists, but we do supply the stuff that would make sense coming from your mat service professionals. And, since we’re servicing your locations on a regular basis, it makes sense for us to provide things you run out of regularly such as: clean linen towels and aprons that require regular professional cleaning; air fresheners, hand sanitizer, foam soap, heavy duty hand cleaner, tissue, roll towels and auto flush units (We have different options to best fit your needs.); and cotton string looped wet mops, dust mops, and mop handles.


Why Choose a Mat Specialist?

A-1-Service-Mat-SpecialistA-1 Service is a 3rd generation family owned and operated mat rental company serving Louisiana since 1970. When choosing A-1 Service, you are not picking a uniform company that does mats as an add-on service; you are choosing a company that has specialized in mat service for over 50 years. We know mats, and we know how important providing quality mats is to your business. Unlike our competitors, we pick up and clean every mat we rent. We fine-tune our mat rental program to best fit your needs, by considering best types of mats, sizes, frequency of delivery, etc. We use heavy-duty commercial grade laundering equipment and chemicals that are designed for properly cleaning commercial grade mats. We also do not do automatic price increases like some of our competitors, so you won’t get any pricing surprises out of us.


Custom Mat Solutions

A-1-Service-Custom-Mat-Solutions-ImageOne size doesn’t fit all. Just because you have a single door, doesn’t mean you have to have a 3×5 mat, and having a double door doesn’t mean you have to have a 4×6 mat. Outdoor scraper mats come in more sizes than just 3×5. Most of our competitors strictly use 3×5 scrapers and nothing else. It’s convenient for them, even if it’s not what you want or need. We use a 4×6 outdoor scraper, or a 3×5, or a 2×3 depending on what’s best for you, the customer. And, we pick them up and clean them on a regular basis unlike our competitors.

Have a really long hallway that needs mat protection? No need to put mats end-to-end for a long hallway when you can use one custom-sized runner to cover the distance. Have a large showroom or lobby entry? We’ll set you up with a custom-sized oversized logo mat to present the right image and keep your customers and employees safe while helping to keep your floors clean.