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Who We Are


A-1 Service originated in the backyard of Howard Bode, Sr.’s family home in 1970. Howard, coming from a uniform service background, recognized that customers wanted more than the standard two sizes & two colors of mats offered by the competition. His business concept was to focus on floor mat rentals… to provide customers with a level of service that would earn him a reputation of trust and commitment… that has proved fruitful.

Over the last 50 years, our product offerings have grown along with our commitment to quality products and superior service. In addition to commercial-grade mats, we are leaders in providing logo mats in a variety of sizes, mops and apron rental, and facility-supply delivery. Instrumental in this growth has been a commitment to being the best floor mat service with the most modern processes in Louisiana.

A-1-Service-Who-We-Are-ImageWhile many independent operators have conceded their business to the national competitors, we remain strong. We are still family owned and operated with the third generation actively involved, and we will remain that way. We invest in top-grade laundering equipment for our servicing locations, utilize ecologically sound cleaners and resource-reducing methods whenever possible, and work hard to retain the best local staff we can find by providing education, opportunity and benefits to the employees who join our family.

Everyone at A-1 Service is committed to our customers’ satisfaction, because we know our reputation depends on it. We keep our promises, go the extra mile, and make sure there are no surprises when it comes to pricing or price changes. Before you choose any other mat service company… give us a chance to prove to you that we’re the best at what we do!


Our Products


Our Promise

We strive to treat everyone – customers, employees, and vendors – professionally, with respect and dignity. We deliver on our promises, and service our customers in-full and on-time with the best possible quality products and processes in the industry, at a fair price. Before we change pricing or modify services/materials, we’ll do our best to notify you so you are never hit with unexpected surprises. This simple promise is our commitment to you, our customers and team members.

The A-1 Service Promise


Our Process

Once you have become an A-1 Service customer, your clean, sanitized mats are delivered to your business via our service truck and are installed by your professional A-1 Route Service team member. Enjoy your mats. They will get used and dirty. But don’t worry… Your Route Service Rep exchanges each mat at your location on a regular schedule with the proper size, style and color you need, and removes the used, soiled mats. Before leaving your location, they’ll get signature authorization that soiled mats have been replaced by clean mats appropriate to your expectations. Once their daily route is complete, your rep returns to the Service Center where all invoices are settled and the delivery truck is unloaded. All products are sorted for processing by your professionally trained A-1 Products Processing Team. Since we service a variety of products (mats, mops, aprons, towels, etc.), like items are washed in commercial-grade washing machines, in batches, using professional-grade cleaners and solvents. We take unusual care to conserve resources (water and electricity) while utilizing chemical that are the least harmful for our environment. Cleaned products are then dried in commercial-grade drying machines before being sorted and then sent to a holding area until called upon for the next delivery. You may think our process is somewhat complex, but we believe our customers deserve the best products, services, and results we can provide.

The A-1 Service Process


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